Applicants must be non-profit, qualifying as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.Requests for donations must be in writing.

Requests for donations must be in writing.

Requests for donation should be accompanied by an Application and address the following for Board review and consideration.

1. Sustainability | The organization shows the ability to financially sustain the project indefinitely and the project contributes to the sustainability of the organization.

2. Organizational Capacity | The organization demonstrates the financial and human resources, as well as intellectual capacity to manage the project successfully.

3. Organizational Impact | Projects address a key goal identified in an organization’s strategic plan.

4. Community Impact | Projects will benefit and enhance the knowledge of the target audience and/or local community.

5. In Depth Knowledge | Proposals reflect a thorough understanding of current practice and knowledge about the subject matter.

6. Project-Based Design | Work plans consist of a set of logical, interrelated activities tied directly to addressing the key need or challenge identified in the proposal.

7. Demonstrable Results | Projects generate measurable results that tie directly to the need or challenge it was designed to address.

8. Sensible and Justifiable Budget | Applicants craft a budget well-suited to both the scope of the project and the organization’s capacity; the amount requested should neither be inflated nor insufficient to complete the project successfully.